6 Reasons Why Ecommerce Business Has Become So Popular?

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Can't find what you want on eBay, or looking for somewhere else to sell your products? There are plenty of sites like eBay available (for both buyers and sellers) that can offer you reduced fees, stronger protection and specialise in certain categories or geographies. Vend is known to bring in the easiest retail POS software in the world which can build a smart ecommerce store for you in just minutes. The inventory management solution enables users to add all the items in a single click, making the entire thing more convenient for you. As the software works from cloud, you can access it from anywhere, anytime with an internet connection. It can even work offline. The responsive solution helps with smooth catalog management and it's a breeze to add costs, retail prices, discounts, tags & perform the bulk operations here. It enables you to accept all forms of major payments and its robust reporting feature will enable you to keep tab on all important aspects of your store- customer activities, products, inventory, staff performance etc.

It eventually dawned on me that we're in the 21st century - I know, it took me a while. To be frank I'd never even thought about owning my own online store - it was just one of those things 'out there' that other people did. As far as I was concerned my high street store was quite enough. My store is on a side street in the town and I have quite a few loyal customers. A few had asked me whether I have an online store, and I started to realise that with an on-line shop I could reach a much wider market than the few people who happened to trickle down the side street. I had a lot of concerns about this but they were soon laid to rest when I researched the idea and discovered how straight forward it was.

For individuals and small businesses that have only one or a few digital products to sell, organizations such as ClickBank offer a meeting place for merchants and affiliates to find one another. For a small fee, a merchant is able to list his product(s), indicate a rate of affiliate commission and attract potential affiliates to his website. When an affiliate chooses to help sell your product, a special link is provided to be placed on the affiliate's website, articles and emails, that in turn direct traffic to the merchant's website. When a sale takes place, the source of the sale is tracked back to the affiliate using identification data in the link. The affiliate then receives his commission.

Asia-Pacific overtook North America as the biggest ecommerce market in the world back in 2014, when the former's $525.2 billion in total sales overtook the latter's $482.6 billion.

Flash forward two years. The sales for Asia-Pacific exceeded $1 trillion in 2016 compared to a little more than $600 billion for North America. Most of this hike can be attributed to the developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, primarily China and India, two giants with almost a third of the world's population. So as the ecomony of the world continues to imporve, so will the living standards of the people in these and other developing countries around the world. The fact is that most of the developed countries are already fully emmerged in ecommerse so they don't really have any more market to offer. As the developing countries become more and more developed, the purchasing power of its people will improve with it, hence creating new and bigger market opportunities for online retailers.

As more people forgo in-store shopping in exchange for online purchases, the ecommerce realm is a competitive space, chock full of companies vying for their place in the market.

Mobile continues to be a huge force in not just viewing, but purchasing, as well. Traditional websites and shopping carts are becoming outdated. People are using computers less and smartphones more and online retailers have to recognize that their customers are on their phones and ready to spend money. While options like Shopify and even plugins like WooCommerce are doing just fine, one company continues to surge forward, staying in stride with an ever changing market, and even innovating in places. SaaS ecommerce company, Ecwid , who recently exceeded one million stores in more than 175 countries worldwide, is a leader in online shopping and continues to find its way into new and existing websites.

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