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Please take note: This is a topic that is very serious to Hubpages and to myself, the Hub writer. I in no way promote MLM Marketing scams or Pyramid schemes, and want to warn you about the latest trend so you can protect yourself. The only hope of websites running online poker, online rummy, online card games, etc is that the Central Government formulates techno legal framework that can accommodate online games and other Internet related aspects.

That is a long and time consuming process and it cannot be expected for a long period of time. Thus, all online games provider must immediately draft their terms and conditions and other legal documents in conformity with the laws of India, especially the Information Technology Act, 2000. Those who have already put at place basic terms and conditions must revisit them and make them in compliance with the present legal requirements.

So the secret here is no secret at all, get visitors to your site and you will make money. Make sure your on-page and off-page optimizations are done to the maximum of your ability and then add another one hundred percent of effort to make it better. Article directories have been around for a while now but they are your most valuable resource to getting your pages indexed by the search engines. From them you will receive one way back links, the most important links of all. They are the ones that will give you page rank and good search result placement.

There is neck and neck competition among different websites to cater to the buyer. Retaining a current buyer is equally as important as creating a new one. In these times one cannot afford a buyer to go to the competitor. For this the buyer has to be facilitated with options at ordering and cost. The website should be having embedded software for shopping cart and exhibit the feedback from the earlier buyers. Tools like PayPal that help in easy transaction of money needs to be used. The facilities provided to the customer can only help at staying ahead of competition.

Product visualization are always a key factor when we make purchases. Even before days of online retails, consumers were found to be more attracted towards an item than is beautifully demonstrated.

Will emergence of technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality , it is very much likely that these technologies will be incorporated into the core of the ecommerce philosophy. Wouldn't you like to see how it feels like to drive around in that new car from the comfort of your living room? Wouldn't you want to try out that new dress, see how it looks on you, before you order it. With more online retailers dealing in the same products, businesses will try harder to lure its customers, and product visualization will be key in them making their decisions on a purchase.

One could argue that the infrastructure for the Internet required both electricity and the telephone to even exist, making the Internet's phenomenally fast market adoption rate dependent on the development of earlier technologies. As well, when the Internet was born, people were already much more technologically savvy compared to earlier generations. When the telephone and electricity were becoming commercially available, the Industrial Age was still in progress. So it might not be a fair comparison. However, there is no argument that the adoption of Internet technology has been extremely rapid.

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